IGTV is here! It launched last week and today it was advertised in-situ via an Insta Story from the brand itself. Now, if you’ve done the most recent app update an icon appears in the top right.

IGTV App icon

The concept

We as content creators are able to indulge our content creation tendencies by developing content that is up to an hour of long play video. But, wait there is a twist! Deliver it in vertical format! Wooooooaahhhhhhh! What will they think of next?

The proposition enables influencers the opportunity to increase their reach via the distribution of long-form content akin to how YouTube has channels for their illustrious YouTubers. Also a quick aside: Fairly sure this is the first time Facebook has beaten Snapchat to the punch achieving ‘first mover’ advantage in the UI for their platform for a change. I could be wrong though…I’m not active on Snapchat anymore.

This article from DigiDay gives an insight into how the millennial/Gen Z audiences are receiving all these augmentations to their content channels and below are my early observations on who has succeeded so far; embraced and grasped what the functionality can achieve for brand lift and sentiment.

The winners (so far) for branded content via IGTV

Steph Shepherd pictured to the right in the JBRAND Jeans episodic content launched via IGTV recently


Always leaders in their content approach via the Instagram platform the J BRAND Jeans brand have once again nailed their brief. They have seized the opportunity to leverage the campaign for a new product line — the Little Black Jean which was designed in partnership with former Kardashian’s assistant Stephanie Shepherd @steph_shep by launching what is likely to be episodic mockumentary style content (4.40 mins in length) featuring the key influencer. Shepherd’s 1.1million audience on the platform combined with the captured mindset that Instagram content needs to satisfy for it to be a success, this execution is surely going to be successful in helping JBRAND grow their own audience via the platform, currently at 381K. Let’s watch this space for developments.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Street Art Globe x Matt Groening

I was intrigued by Street Art Globe’s foray into IGTV channel content. Largely because they appear to have secured the artisanship of Matt Groening (The Simpsons creator) in discussing Banksy via The Simpsons. Pretty clever animation of working the factory line, including an impressive use of a downtrodden unicorn to press CDs for mass consumption. It is a dark parody of consumerism–everything Banksy is against and yet celebrates the never forgotten always revered: The Simpsons cartoon! YES!!

Screenshot of The Simpsons brand collab with Street Art Globe

BEST CREATIVE CONCEPTS (witnessed on my channels of choice so far)

Lnwy.co “pronounced ‘laneway dot co’ — will focus on video storytelling, long-form articles, bespoke illustrations and photographic features.” That’s from this article about Australia’s Digital Marketing Crew: Bolster and Laneway Festival’s collaborative content baby, born last year. They have got the vertical video execution right, straight up too! (Pardon my punning) Check out the now screening Jack River Split Decisions campaign — where they ask the rising star (with a new album released on Friday — opportune timing) whether she prefers Dim Sum or Potato Cake or Beach vs Mountains? Spoiler alert: Jack doesn’t like either Dim Sum or Potato Cake! Also worth a look see is the series running: Lie Detector Tests with bands like City Calm Down (currently touring) and The Creases. It’s a simple concept executed pretty darn well! Kept my attention momentarily as it’s meant to anyway!


Screenshot from Higher Ground newest video release from Odesza.

Those clever lads from the musical act: Odesza have launched their newest film clip: Higher Ground not only via the website and YouTube but also with a vertical video treatment specifically for IGTV. It’s so pretty — you should really watch it and admire it for yourself.

BEST REPURPOSED CONTENT: New York Magazine (Plandid)


Demonstrating they are onboard with the IGTV channel platform but curious about what it might afford them in terms of audience increase versus return on investment, could be the strategy behind New York Magazine’s reuse of their already very successful Plandid education piece. In its longer video format via The Cut (published to YouTube as well, see above link) we learn quickly via video how to execute a Plandid (a posed for Instagram shot). So it’s the perfect start for an Instagram savvy audience to swallow while still allowing the New York Magazine content team to reuse pre-existing pieces of content but leverage current trends of relevance to their following.

5 Rules to live by when making IGTV channel content

That’s my take so far on IGTV. Brands/Content Creators will find success when they follow these five rules of thumb.

  1. Remain true to the ideals of Instagram
  2. Dare to capture audience in the mindset that they find themselves
  3. Spend time truly identifying why people are on the platform: for inspiration, aspiration, and light-hearted escapism.
  4. Partner with influencers that are aligned to your brand and whose values resonate easily with both your audience sets.
  5. Utilise pre-existing content pieces to drive mileage and ROI further.

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